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Tameside teenage trio scoop awards at YouthForia Awards 2018

Posted on Tue, 19 Jun 2018 15:07:33 +0000

Three of Tameside’s young leaders are the pride of the North West after winning regional awards.

Joe Magee, Bradley Gore and Emily Skyes were all honoured in the YouthForia Awards 2018.

The success comes after the trio were all recently elected to leadership roles at Tameside Youth Council, which is supported by Tameside Council.

Each year, Youth Focus North West holds an annual three-day residential for young people from 23 Youth Councils to celebrate the past year’s achievements.

The residential, includes an awards night with nominations in six categories made by youth workers and other young people.

Joe, 15 from Ashton, who is Tameside’s Member of Youth Parliament, won the Integrity Award for individuals/groups.

The St Damian’s College student, was nominated for his passion and drive to achieve outcomes for other young people, because he has dedicated a lot of time to being part of the youth council and never putting himself first.

Bradley, 15 who attends Stalybridge’s West Hill School won the Kind and Helpful Award for individuals/groups.

He was nominated for his kindness and friendliness, for helping others and making them feel part of the group and at ease.

Emily, 17 from Dukinfield, won an achievement certificate after being placed in the top three in the Fairness and Equality Award for individuals/ groups.

The Clarendon College student was nominated for being a positive role model, for her commitment to the roles she’s taken on. She has had a positive impact, has encouraged others from the community to get involved and made them feel comfortable and part of the group.

Other categories were Commitment, Co-operative and Social Harmony.

Councillor Oliver Ryan, Tameside Council’s Executive Member for Children and Families, said: “Congratulations to Joe, Bradley and Emily on winning regional awards.

They’re doing a great job in representing Tameside’s young people and have already made Tameside proud with this achievement.”

By Adele Lyth

Nine injured after cycling festival turns violent

Posted on Tue, 19 Jun 2018 12:22:18 +0000

Nine people were left injured after a protest in Ashton turned violent on Saturday afternoon.

The Eritrean Cycle Festival that took place at Curzon Ashton’s football club was attended by former cyclists who appeared at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo and 1960 Olympics in Rome and fans from all over England and northern Europe.

Around 30 people became involved in a disorder where a number of objects were thrown such as bottles, food and beer kegs.

Protestors were apparently taking part in an organised protest against the Eritrean Government.

Police were then called to the stadium to reports of fighting. Eight men were arrested at the scene on suspicion of public order offences. They have been released under investigation.

Nine people were left with minor injuries, two of those being teenage girls aged 14 and 17.

Chief Inspector Andy Harty, from GMP’s Tameside borough, said: “The vast majority of people attending the event were innocent people, including children, who sadly got caught in the middle of this appalling act of violence.

“This type of behaviour is completely unacceptable and I want to assure the residents of Tameside that we are doing everything we can to bring any offenders to justice.”

However, the protest had completely got out of hand with police condemning it as “an appalling act of violence” resulting in the festival that was supposed to last till Sunday being cancelled due to safety fears, after the protest.

Police are appealing for anyone with any information to contact 101 or calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

By Adele Lyth

Stacey has her eyes on the prize

Posted on Tue, 19 Jun 2018 12:21:54 +0000

Stacey Copeland is brimming with excitement ahead of her fifth professional fight at the Middleton Arena on Friday night.

The 36-year-old, from Hyde, is scheduled to face the vastly experienced Borislava Goranova, who comes from Bulgaria and has so far competed in 69 bouts, with one of those coming against Stacey on her winning debut 12 months ago.

The upcoming fight will be somewhat different, however, as Stacey is set to compete in her first ever eight rounder. Undaunted by the prospect, Stacey said training has gone really well and expects to put on a good fight for her loyal band of followers: “Last hard session of the camp on Saturday. We’ve pushed and then pushed some more. That’s what it’s going to take, but I’m ready to give everything. Fight ngiht on Friday, we’re ready!”

Stacey being interviewed by Tameside Radio’s Louise Croombs at the 2018 Tour of Tameside

Stacey, who in recent months has become a community ambassador for Sports Tours International – the company behind the Tour of Tameside – has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the space of a year. As well as impressing in the ring, Stacey has also acted as a role model to the local community, delivering impassioned speeches about female empowerment amongst other things.

She recently attended the Tour of Tameside as a spectator, cheering on from the sidelines and offering advice and guidance to those who needed it.

Such acts haven’t gone unnoticed, as Stacey, a former international footballer, recently won the Sporting Role Model award at the Women’s Sports Trust ‘Be A Game Changer Awards’.

The ceremony, which took place in London in May, was held to recognise the irresistible nature of women’s sports and to inspire others to take action.

Stacey also scooped another award on Monday – this time for her efforts in helping to nurture the next generation of female talent. Following the announcement, she Tweeted: “Honoured to be a winner in the We Are The City Rising Stars Awards for sport alongside some amazing women. Thanks to whoever nominated me and to those who voted, very much appreciated and well done to the other nominees, some truly inspiring stories!”

An Eye on our Environment: Illegal Waste

Posted on Mon, 18 Jun 2018 14:11:55 +0000

In his latest column for the Tameside Reporter, the Environment Agency’s Area Director for Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire, Lee Rawlinson talks about the cost of illegal waste dumping and discusses the ongoing issue at Gartside Farm in Droylsden.

Lee Rawlinson

When I started writing this column back in March, I mentioned how the Environment Agency and Greater Manchester Combined Authorities were on a mission to make Greater Manchester more prosperous, greener and an even better place to live.

As someone who lives and works in our region, nothing makes me prouder than to see new commitments to our local environment taking effect and brings new jobs, prosperity and most importantly, sustainability to our doorsteps. Whether it is influencing growth strategies and plans, pubs and restaurants banning plastic straws or residents taking part in a litter pick, our businesses and communities are working together to make Greater Manchester a better place to live.

However, for me, and I am sure for many of our regular readers of this column, one issue is still blotting the landscape of our region and it has been on the increase since 2012.

I am, of course, referring to waste crime. Illegal waste is just what the name implies…illegal. Depositing waste without following a proper duty of care can cause severe damage to the environment and local wildlife while putting communities at risk and causing absolute misery for local residents. Waste crime also diverts £1bn a year from the treasury and legitimate business.

Many of you may already be experiencing this first-hand with the local issues surrounding

Gartside Farm and one of the great things about this column is that I can tell you that we, as the Environment Agency, are very effective at tackling waste crime and bringing offenders to justice.

We adopt a polluter pays principle which means that those who cause pollution should bear the costs of managing it to prevent damage to human health or the environment and, importantly, those that profit from waste crime pay for clean up as oppose to the cost coming from our taxes.

Illegal waste

We are in continuous talks with the landowner and occupier of Gartside Farm and we are providing advice and guidance with regards to the removal of the waste. On a side note, you may have noticed vehicles and equipment going onto land at the Farm and our understanding is that this is for the purpose of carrying out preliminary works to enable removal of the waste.

When our advice is ignored, and laws are broken, we will take tough action. Offenders often end up in court with large fines and the proceeds of their illegal actions are confiscated. An offender found this out recently as joint work alongside Greater Manchester Police saw a wagon that had been involved in illegal activity, cut and crushed.

We are determined to make life hard for criminals and since January 2018, we have prosecuted three illegal waste sites across Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire, seized a number of vehicles and crushed one, ensuring it will never be used in illegal activity again.

Waste crime is not victimless and every day we see it becoming more organised. The Environment agency has professional investigators and experts on illegal activities and as it becomes more complex, our partnerships with other enforcement bodies such as Greater Manchester Police, HMRC and Local Authorities including Tameside Council must also become stronger.

You also play a key role in keeping our communities healthy. We all create waste and that means we are all responsible for what happens to it. So if you see or suspect illegal waste operations in your area, report it to our incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60 and help us win the war against waste crime.

Lee Rawlinson is the Area Director for the Environment Agency’s Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire region. You can get more information about the work of the Environment Agency or what’s going on in your area by following us on Twitter @EnvAgencyNW.

England net top result – and Tameside players shine

Posted on Mon, 18 Jun 2018 11:27:58 +0000

Two players from Tameside Netball Club have helped the England Under 17 squad to an impressive victory.

Millie Sanders and Ella Standring, who represent Manchester Thunder at Under 21 level, played an important role in the Roses’ 70-35 victory over Wales in Sheffield on Sunday.

The fixture provided Millie with her first England cap, along with Oldham Netball Club’s Berri Neil.

Following the game, Jan Crabtree, England Academy Head Coach, said: “It was good to see all six new caps take the court. Our performance improved as the players settled.”

Picture: England Netball


Duki Town FC to host Development Squad trial

Posted on Mon, 18 Jun 2018 11:00:44 +0000

Dukinfield Town Football Club is hosting a Development Squad trial on Saturday, June 30, at Blocksages Playing Field.

The event is open to 16-18 year olds. To register your interest, please email:

In other news at the club, the first team has announced a string of pre-season friendlies. The biggest arrives on Tuesday, July 10, at home to Evo-Stik Premier outfit Buxton.

Finlay Phillips

The game is taking place at Woodhams Park, Dukinfield, 7.30pm kick-off. The game has been priced at £3 for adults and £1 OAPs. A programme will be available to purchase for £1.

In other news, the club has announced the signing of 16-year-old Finlay Phillips. Along with new signing Cobie Entwistle, Finlay will be spending pre-season with Buxton FC.

Ashton Warriors celebrate first victory of the season

Posted on Mon, 18 Jun 2018 09:59:49 +0000

Ashton Warriors RL 60-16 Burnley and Pendle RL

Player coach Joel Pearson led Ashton’s new Rugby League team to their first victory of the season and into second place in the Merit Table with a comprehensive victory.

Pictured: RL President and Shirt Sponsor Stephen Howard. Based at Ashton-Under-Lyne RFC, the Warriors have a mixture of old heads and last years Colts but are looking to add to the squad. Training is Tuesday and Thursday at Ashton, 7pm. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience. On Saturday, there is a coach trip to Blackpool Stanley .


Tameside mum speaks out after her son was groomed while playing online games

Posted on Mon, 18 Jun 2018 09:09:27 +0000

A mother from Tameside is sending a heartfelt warning to other parents to be vigilant after her son was sexually abused after being groomed while playing games online.

The mum – who is remaining anonymous to protect the identity of her son – has spoken about her experience to support the Greater Manchester It’s Not Okay campaign Week of Action, which is running from today (Monday) until June 24th, to raise awareness of steps parents can take to protect their children from sexual exploitation.

She told how her then 12-year-old son was targeted by a 23-year-old “friend of a friend” who groomed him both while playing games online and while he was out playing football on sports fields close to his home.

His parents had spotted changes in his behaviour but had put it down to his age.

Her story

“He had always been an outgoing, sociable and happy lad but we noticed he had got quieter and more withdrawn – he lost weight and shut himself away in his room all of the time.

“We were worried, but after speaking to friends with children the same age, we put it down to hormones and being a teenager – although we hadn’t experienced anything like this with our older son.

“After about six months he broke down one day, gave me a hug and told me he was gay. I hugged him back and told him I loved him and that it didn’t matter and for a short while everything went back to normal. But then things started going downhill again and he got more and more distant.”

The offences only came to light when, after months of abuse, her son broke down and confided in one of his teachers at school.

“I was devastated but also in a strange way relieved that now I finally knew what was wrong and that we could do something about it and help him. All the clues suddenly fell into place and it made sense of so much of his behaviour.

“For example who used to go to sleep with his headphones in, saying he was listening to music on his phone to calm him. But actually it was the offender who wouldn’t let him switch off and wanted to listen in – even when he was sleeping – to have 24-hour control.

“The offender had told our son he didn’t need his family, he just needed him. He had singled him out at a time when he was vulnerable after experiencing some bullying and made him feel special – buying him gifts and making him feel important.

“Our son had first got to know the offender while out playing football with his friends and older brother – the offender was related to one of his brother’s friends. So all the things you worry about such as stranger danger was irrelevant – this was a friend of a friend who had even been in our house once.

“He took over our son’s life, grooming him, being in constant contact online, buying him Xbox games, manipulating him, and segregating him from his friends and family to gain total control.

“He eventually started  meeting him straight from school and would take him to local playing fields where he would sexually assault him. He also convinced him he was gay – whereas now he realises he isn’t.”


Police launched an investigation as soon as the boy confided his experiences and the offender was charged with grooming and sexual abuse. He was found guilty in October 2017 and sentenced to six years in prison.

Three years  on from the offences,  her son is well on his way to being back on track in his life – he has just sat his GCSE’s and recently enjoyed his school prom.

His mum said: “It’s lovely to see a smile back on his face. There’s still a question mark over how much this is going to affect him into the future but he is having counselling and life is getting more back to normal.

“However, I’m not sure if I will ever be able to get over the guilt and heartbreak I feel as a mother that I wasn’t able to protect him. I just hope our experiences may help to warn others.

“Whenever I see children and young people out now I’m wondering about them – where are their parents, are the adults with them their parents or abusers – I see everything differently now.”


Later today, local teenagers will help to launch the It’s Not Okay campaign when they deliver an online safety training session to parents at the Greenside Children’s Centre in Droylsden.

And the mother who has experienced firsthand the heartbreak that online abuse leads to is urging other parents to be constantly vigilant. “You also think your children are safe when they are in their bedrooms but that can be when they are at their most vulnerable – there are so many ways offenders can control them around the clock – be it via online games, Facebook, their phones and other social media,” she said.

“I would urge parents not to dismiss any radical changes in behaviour – you know your children, you must trust your instincts. Keep conversations about what they are doing, and who they are seeing, ongoing.

“Use all the security and parental settings available for phones, games and social media platforms. Don’t feel you are being too intrusive in their privacy – it is more important to protect them.”

For further information about child sexual exploitation, steps you can take to help keep your children safe, and guidance on support available and reporting any concerns see

Weekend Review: Greater Manchester Cricket League

Posted on Mon, 18 Jun 2018 09:03:17 +0000

The rain which arrived around 4 o’clock on Saturday led to a number of games having to be settled on the Duckworth Lewis, (DL), system with shortened second innings.  Denton St Lawrence got back to winning ways but town rivals Denton West are still winless with the campaign only two games away from the half-way stage.  In Division 1 it was a fruitless afternoon for Stayley; Flowery Field; Dukinfield and Glossop with Denton the only local team tasting victory.  In Division 2, Droylsden had another great win, but Ashton and Micklehurst struggled once more.  Ashton Ladysmith had arguably the performance of the week as they went to Heywood 2nd XI.  The Crimble side had a 100% record to that point but Ladysmith destroyed that with a really impressive win.


Premier Division

Denton St Lawrence hosted Heywood and the visitors totalled 216-6.  The rain break between innings left DSL with a target of 154 off 26 overs.  Opener Adam Hawley was the cornerstone of the DSL chase, and his 72, aided by Kyle O’Reilly, (24), took the Saints to the brink of victory.  It was finally achieved with four balls left, and meant that DSL, after three consecutive defeats, put winning points on the board.  At Windsor Park visitors Egerton were limited to 156-6 off 43 overs by Denton West when the rain intervened.  Chris Stevenson picked up 4-29 for the home team.  The West target was calculated as 181, and they put up a decent fight.  Stevenson, (45) and Andy O’Brien, (46*), led the way, but facing Lancashire man, Matt Parkinson, (who finished with 7-53), they fell 18 short.  The portents aren’t good for West, and it will need championship winning form over the 2nd half of the season if the spectre of relegation is to be avoided.

Elsewhere, in a top of the table battle, 2017 champions Flixton went to the top of the pile as they beat previous leaders Clifton.

Full results:  Clifton 143ao Flixton 209-6; Denton West 162ao Egerton156-6 (won on DL); Denton St Lawrence 154-7 (won on DL) Heywood 216-6; Edgworth 74ao Prestwich 75-7; Greenmount 89-3 (won on DL) Roe Green 96-9; Woodbank 107-4 (won on DL) Woodhouses 134-6


Division 1A

Denton put last week’s defeat at the hands of Greenfield behind them as they comfortably beat visitors Astley & Tyldesley.  They totalled an average 156, with Janak Patel, who recently made the move from Ashton Ladysmith, top scoring with 40.  A revised target of 131 for A&T was well beyond them, as pro Cloete Buitendag, (6-29), led the Egerton Street team to a comfortable win.  Flowery Field, at home to Greenfield, might have been hopeful of victory as they dismissed the visitors for 146.  Sean Gibson, (5-47) and pro Mike Burns, (4-35) excelled with the ball.  A target of 137 to win after the rain interruption was too many however, as Flowery fell to 39-4.  They eventually made 104 – a defeat by 32 runs.  Staley travelled to Bury, who were at 162-4 when rain intervened after 41 overs.  The complexities of DL gave Stayley a target of 184, but despite 45 from Joshua Healey they were dismissed for 138, and fell to their ninth consecutive defeat and remain pointless.

Full results.  Flowery Field 104ao Greenfield 146ao; Denton156ao Astley & Tyldesley 81ao; Bury 162-4 Stayley 138ao; Whalley Range 104-4 (won on dL) Royton 107ao; Heyside 72-3 (won on DL) Stretford 123ao; Walshaw 236-3 Brooksbottom 142ao


Division 1B

Glossop have been in great form recently and having dismissed hosts Unsworth for 118 must have thought it would be a sixth consecutive win.  Rob Adderley maintained his good from with the ball, finishing with 6-32.  A delay left Glossop with a target of 116 off 47 overs, but they struggled throughout, and fell to 70-7.  Despite late resistance from Will Hargreaves, (top scoring with 25*), they failed by 21 runs.  Another rain affected game at Dukinfield was a disappointment after the Higher King Street team had run up 228-5, pro Yohan da Silva being the key and finishing with 88*.  The DL target for Stand was 201 from 39 overs, and they got home easily, with seven wickets to spare.  The win left Stand topping the table, two points ahead of Moorside.

Full results.  Saddleworth 147-7 (won on dL) Thornham 174ao; Monton 131-5 Moorside 114-3 (won on DL); Dukinfield 228-5 Stand 202-3 (won on DL); Glodwick 232-5 Winton 144-8; Unsworth 118ao Glossop 94ao


Division 2A

Droylsden’s comprehensive trouncing of Prestwich 2nd XI saw them climb to second spot, as long time leaders Shaw went down in a top of the table clash with Westleigh.  Droylsden dismissed the opposition for 69, with the wickets shared around between Mehmood ul-Hassan, (4-16); Haroon Cheema, (3-17) and Alex Jones, (3-28).  This proved no problem for Aaqib Uppal’s team who raced away with a nine wicket win in 17 overs.  After run feasts at Micklehurst over the last two weekends with nearly 1,300 runs scored there were prospects of a repeat as visitors East Lancs PM totalled 268-9.  Tom White, a real prospect and selected last week for the Lancahire U15 Development Squad, had the impressive return of 6-44.  Johnny Forrester’s team faced a target of 272 to win from 48 overs, and recent form suggested that this would not be beyond them.  However,  it was a real disappointment when they fell for 129, despite 65 from Dave Barker.

Full results: Micklehurst 129ao East Lancs PM 268-9; Prestwich 2nd XI 69ao Droylsden 70-1; Shaw 142ao Westleigh 200ao; Glossop 2nd XI 202-8 Elton 148-9; Littleborough Lakeside 166ao Clifton 2nd XI 69ao; Elton Vale 108-9 Werneth 208-7


Division 2B

Ashton’s game at leaders Uppermill wasn’t affected by the rain, finishing well before it arrived.  Batting first the Reyner Lane team got off to a decent start, reaching 53 without loss.  Three wickets then fell in the space of a few balls and thereafter it was little more than a procession as they managed a paltry 110.  With clouds building up, and rain not too far away, Uppermill chased down the target in under 13 overs and in doing so cemented their position at the top.  It will take a real loss of form for them not to take the title this year.


Full results.  Wythenshawe 286-7 Radcliffe 125ao; SW Manchester v Friarmere (N/A); Edenfield 110-8 Oldham 115-3; Austerlands 55-2 (won on DL) Bolton Deane & Derby 77ao; Uppermill 111-0 Ashton 110ao; Hollinwood 87-4 (won on DL) Whalley Range 2nd XI 107ao


Division 4 East

Ashton Ladysmith visited Heywood and must have thought that the leaders, (boasting a 100% record), would maintain that as the Rose Hill team totalled 123.  Dave Gaskin, (57), starred for them with the bat.  In reply Heywood, set a target of 119 off 42 overs, simply had no answer to  Khalil -ur-Rehman, (4-7) and Dave Walsh, (3-3), and folded for 47.

Full results: Ashton 2nd XI 91ao Hollinwood 2nd XI 92-3; Royton 2nd XI 161-6 Heyside 2nd XI dnb; Heywood 2nd XI 47ao Ashton Ladysmith 123ao; Woodhouses 2nd XI 76ao Denton 2nd XI 81-2; Moorside 2nd XI 66-3 Saddleworth 2nd XI 64ao; Failsworth Macedonia 243-8 Newton Heath 203ao

By Martin Frost

Family of man shot dead in Ashton pay tribute to him and thank those who tried to save him

Posted on Fri, 15 Jun 2018 18:36:12 +0000

The family of a man who was shot dead in Ashton on Tuesday have paid tribute to their “loving son, dad and brother.”

31-year-old Luke Paul Graham, from Audenshaw, was shot in broad daylight as he sat in his van on Birch Street on Tuesday afternoon. Luke, known to his friends as ‘Tank’, was treated by paramedics at the scene for 15 minutes but later died in hospital.

Another man was shot in the leg as he ran from the van and later presented himself in hospital, where he remains in a stable condition.

Paying tribute to his son, Pete Graham said: ““Luke was a loving son, dad and brother, who was always there for his family and friends.

“He was the type of person who would go out of his way to help others and now we are broken as a family.  We can’t believe that he’s gone and that he has been taken from us in such a horrific and cowardly act of violence.

“We pray that the people responsible for this are bought to justice and I would urge anyone out there who has any information to contact the police as a matter of urgency.

“Losing Luke has devastated me as a father, and I wouldn’t want any other parent or family to go through the hell that I am living in at the moment.”

Three men have since been arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with the shooting, with two since released on bail, and Pete thanked the police for their efforts in the investigation. He also expressed his gratitude to the residents of Birch Street who tried to help Luke after he was shot.

Pete added: “I would just like to thank the police for their tireless efforts in trying to piece together what has happened and would especially like to thank the community at Birch Street in Ashton where Luke passed away. People there risked their own safety and tried their best to save Luke when he was killed that evening.

“It is a great comfort to me as a dad that he did not pass away alone and that there were people there for him.”

Anyone with information on the incident should call police on 101, quoting incident number 1592 of 13/06/2018, or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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