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Holly Riley

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Monday23:00-23:59The Late Show with Holly Riley
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Tuesday00:00-01:00The Late Show with Holly Riley
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About Holly

Holly began volunteering at Tameside Radio in 2012 to learn about how shows were put together but after a couple of weeks, she was offered a practice hour slot, presenting, on a Monday morning 3-4am. Later that year she took over the Monday evening and Tuesday morning slot 11pm - 1am and continues to love every minute.

The thought of presenting was something Holly cowered away from and figured would definitely not be for her when she first started at Tameside, but when given the opportunity of her first show she began seeing it differently. At first, Holly was so worried about sounding perfect and worrying about making a mistake etc. and although she still gets like that now, she started to realise it's also something so much more to her. Knowing there's a possibility she's entertaining others or putting a smile on their face at the end of a really long day means everything because she loves making people happy.

In her spare time she enjoys taking part in productions at Droyslden Little Theatre and is fixated with anything Disney character or puppet related. Especially Sesame Street!

Join me every Monday evening and Tuesday morning for 'Holly in the Midnight Hours' 11pm-1am.

Whether you're a chart lover or a sucker for all the old classics, this show will not disappoint! I have 3 exciting features for you.

The Song of the Week: Exactly what it says on the tin. I love discovering songs I've never heard before. And for 5 minutes I get to share my find of the week with you.

Holly's TV Theme Tune Frenzy: This bad boy will put your TV knowledge to the test. Each week, 3 theme tune clips are played. All you have to do is get your thinking caps on and guess what TV show they're from. Sound easy? You'll have to tune in and see.

Believe it or not

The latest feature of the show. If you like the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museums you'll love this addition to the show. 6 crazy facts where your in charge of whether you believe them or not.
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