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The Rock Zone with Alan Ovington
Tameside Radio Music Tuesday 8th January 2019 - 03:00-04:00

The 15 songs played were...

Played at 03:57
Sweet Harmoney
Played at 03:53
See That Glow
This Island Earth
Played at 03:49
Let's Twist Again
Chubby Checker
Played at 03:46
Heart Of Gold
Johnny Hates Jazz
Played at 03:40
Tiny Dancer
Elton John
Played at 03:36
Just Go
Lionel Richie
Played at 03:32
2-4-6-8 Motorway
Tom Robinson
Played at 03:29
Only The Strong Survive
Billy Paul
Played at 03:24
Destiny Calling
Played at 03:21
You Dont Know
Helen Shapiro
Played at 03:17
Blue Skies
Played at 03:14
Jonas Blue
Played at 03:10
Girls Aloud
Played at 03:05
Everything Counts
Depeche Mode
Played at 03:00
I Want It That Way
Backstreet Boys
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